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Hello. I have 55sj810v. When i start the internet browser it prompts that i have an old version and for security reasons i should update. First of all is this chrome browser? Second is it for Linux? Third what should i download  Ubuntu /Debian/ openSUSE/ Fedora? Please advise. Thank you very much. 

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1 hour ago, Jasim Peringattuthodi said:

Hi Newbie

this is not chrome or any other browser used in computers.

its dedicated LG web browser.

so while asking to update, just click update button. it will update automatically


hope this is clear

Hello. The message says that i am using an old version of Chrome. This means that it is chrome... The problem is that when you press update it displays a page to download Chrome for Linux and when you press download you have two choices Ubuntu /Debian or openSUSE/ Fedora... What to select?  This is why I am asking if webos is linux? If yes is it Ubuntu /Debian/ openSUSE/ Fedora? 

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1 hour ago, Jasim Peringattuthodi said:

please post all the screen shots to get a clear idea about what you  are talking

thank you

Hello again. Thank you very much for your answers. I am trying to upload images but I am getting an error ... What can i do?

Finally i find another way to upload. I sent the screen shota you asked for !!!

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thank you ggfaf for the screen shot


After a study about this issue , i understood that its just a message from google and i think you only seeing the message while you are opening google

Even in PC if you open google on internet browser, it will ask to install google chrome

Since the TV operating system is Linux based, its showed you Linux variations,


So nothing to do , just ignore the message




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You cant update the web browser like that, the update would have to come from LG.  WebOS 3.5 is old, I have the same version on my 2016 LG.  Unfortunately the WebOS can't be updated on my set so I'm SOL.  Not sure on your set but if your OS let's you update it you might get an update to the browser as well.

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