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  1. Hi, I was already on the latest OS, and unplugging the TV made no difference. It's odd that it fixed the problem for you as I'm not sure what the connection would be between the Quick Start + facility and the screen saver. Do you have to do the workaround every time you switch the TV on or is the issue fixed permanently? I assumed the issue was by design but perhaps it is actually a bug if you've managed to overcome it. Very odd.
  2. Sadly that didn't work for me (LG E8). After doing what you suggest I checked an IP channel on Freeview and the fireworks still happened after two minutes.
  3. Hi, some very good suggestions there. It looks like LG want to have their cake and eat it if this screensaver nonsense is a feature and not a bug. They won't accept any liability for burn in or image retention, yet they still inflict the screen saver kicking in after two minutes, with no override possible. What's the point? Idiotic.
  4. I also have this problem. It's specifically when watching the Freeview IP TV channels in the UK. These are internet streams accessible via Freeview channels in the 200 range. Its very annoying as the TV must think that there's nothing happening on screen, when in reality I'm watching a normal programme that happens to be coming from the internet. Oddly, internet streams using apps such as iPlayer and YouTube do not trigger the screen saver. As there's no way to configure this in settings I'm assuming it's a bug. Is it worth contacting LG Support or are they as clueless as all the other manufacturers' support departments?

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