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  1. That's great, and I'm sure this thread will help others. It will be interesting to see when these OTT channels get round to adopting HBB TV so that the problem is resolved. Regarding the non-use of the magic remote, that's a shame but even with my old Humax Fox T2 I often find I reach for the Humax remote as the functionality with the magic remote on the Humax is very limited.
  2. Hi, according to the notes that accompanied the latest software update the Manhattan T3-R can receive them. I was looking for a new Freeview box so thanks for mentioning this one as I hadn't heard of it. Software notes (Source: https://manhattan-tv.com/support/manhattan-t3#software-update): v1.24 Software Update Released 15/11/19 If your T3 is connected to the internet and left in standby, it will update automatically overnight, unless you have disabled automatic updates in the System Settings menu. Please see below for more information about updating, including how to upda
  3. It does seem to be a huge oversight by LG regarding these issues. I haven't phoned LG support yet as I'm phobic about support call centres as they're all so clueless or wilfully unhelpful, but I suppose I should go through the motions! I don't want to make this thread off topic as there are two other threads on this forum dealing with my specific issue, but just to confirm that shaking or touching any button on the remote does clear the screen saver but it kicks in after another two minutes, so it's not really a workaround.
  4. My TV is the OLED55E8 PLA and the web OS version is (goldilocks-glacier). Weird that it's just the the UM range that's affected. Thanks for reporting back on the screensaver. In fact the LG OLED TVs have no option to switch off the screensaver, given their higher potential for screen burn or image retention. It kicks in after two minutes when you're watching a radio channel but it's very irritating that it also happens when streaming a live video channel that happens to be broadcasting via IPTV. I suppose it could be classed as a bug. I'll try and find out if the 2019 OLEDs a
  5. Hi guys, I just found this thread whilst investigating another issue with IPTV over Freeview (the hybrid channels). Please would someone confirm whether or not the screen saver fireworks kick in after a few minutes when watching these channels? A number of people with LG OLED TVs including me (E8) have this issue and there's no way to override it. Very annoying. For some reason the TV thinks that the video stream is a static image. I'm happy to check whether I can receive streams on UHF channel 25 if they could be listed here, and I'll confirm my signal strength. Edit: the IPTV stre
  6. Hi, I'm also in the UK and experience the exact same issue with my E8. I've tried resetting the TV (unplugging it whilst holding the power button for 15 seconds) but it has no effect. I suspect this is a general issue across all LG TVs, at least up to the 2018 models. I've tested for the issue on all the Freeview IPTV streaming channels and it always occurs. I've posted about it on the UK AVForums site and also on the American AVS forum but got no response. Either it's a very rare bug or nobody's interested in IPTV streaming. I could contact LG about it but I can't stand tech support cal
  7. Hi, I was already on the latest OS, and unplugging the TV made no difference. It's odd that it fixed the problem for you as I'm not sure what the connection would be between the Quick Start + facility and the screen saver. Do you have to do the workaround every time you switch the TV on or is the issue fixed permanently? I assumed the issue was by design but perhaps it is actually a bug if you've managed to overcome it. Very odd.
  8. Sadly that didn't work for me (LG E8). After doing what you suggest I checked an IP channel on Freeview and the fireworks still happened after two minutes.
  9. Hi, some very good suggestions there. It looks like LG want to have their cake and eat it if this screensaver nonsense is a feature and not a bug. They won't accept any liability for burn in or image retention, yet they still inflict the screen saver kicking in after two minutes, with no override possible. What's the point? Idiotic.
  10. I also have this problem. It's specifically when watching the Freeview IP TV channels in the UK. These are internet streams accessible via Freeview channels in the 200 range. Its very annoying as the TV must think that there's nothing happening on screen, when in reality I'm watching a normal programme that happens to be coming from the internet. Oddly, internet streams using apps such as iPlayer and YouTube do not trigger the screen saver. As there's no way to configure this in settings I'm assuming it's a bug. Is it worth contacting LG Support or are they as clueless as all the other ma

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