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  1. Hi Tony B Thanks for answering. I did eventually find that information too, so went ahead and bought one - those channels do indeed work fine. It is pretty good and has some thought put into the features - it's integration with UK catch up is good and I'm impressed it will suggest an alternative HD version if there is one when you record SD content. I'm only a bit disapointed that I can't find a way of setting up the LG magic remote to control it and also that you can't reorganise your favourites so that for example film4+1 appears under film 4 (as you can on the LG internal tuner). But, hey nothing is perfect :). The alternative was the Humax of course, but the reviews suggest that it is not very responsive. Good luck and thanks again for responding.
  2. Noticed after tuning that my LG C9 (2019) gets an "invalid service" on the freeview channel "Planet Knowledge". From reading other threads this seems to be because the TV no longer supports the old format (MHEG or something). What I am wondering though is if I get a set top box (Manhattan T3-R is top of list ATM) whether I will be able to get the missing channels through that?

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