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  1. No, good old LG AU/NZ - lagging behind as usual. At the risk of sounding overly ranty, I got to say, LG simply suck as far as their TV's go, which is a pity because WebOS i think is a great platform that had potential - but their terribly support/updates, not to mention the complete crap they populate their app store with is just ridiculous, even something as well known/respected as Plex seems to be nothing but difficult on the LG platform. It really is the end of their road for me. Never ever again.
  2. My problems with 55 continue, this time it is mostly Plex - it seems that the .55 firmware has done something mysterious that now results in a Plex error every 20 minutes or so, to do with being unable to communicate with the PMS. It worked fine before .55 (more or less), I don't know, the more these LG muppets play around the worse it actually appears they make things. Has anyone else had a problem with PMS communication fails and how are you fixing it (if you are). I feel like far too much of my life is being taken up searching forums for fixes on products that really should just work. Its a little bit like my car, its become over complex, over computerised and overly expensive. The modern world. Joy.
  3. This is how those of us who bought a TV in 2014 felt when WebOS2.0 appeared. In the end, and I almost literally mean the end of the year (2015) LG released what it seems to call WebOS2 Lite for 2014 models. It did has 'some' of the WebOS2 elements, but the main improvement really was in reducing the sluggishness of WebOS2. I would imagine, hardwire requirements/setup allowing, 2015 would eventually get some sort of update, likely in the same way, a 'lite' edition towards the end of the year, but I am just guessing on this. LG seem (or is that just because I own them) the worst at legacy support, even apples supports it's products for more then 12 months. I'm not sure about other providers (Sony, Samsung etc), will have to look through their forums, but my guess is they aren't much better. Ultimately I guess TV are now considered a disposable consumer good, gone are the days where a TV lasted 20 years - I think i've gone through about 5 TVs in about 7 years, so yeh, disposable - and yes, they were all LG, but my next TV won't be.
  4. I also found within a day or two of doing the 05.00.55 updated on my 55LB650V (here in Zealand) that the HDMI pop-up reappeared, to a worse degree - as soon as I closed it it would pop right back up - incredibly irritating. At this point, I've found if I switch TV off, unplug it for 10-20 seconds then plug back in again it will not do this pop-up crap for a few hours. This is certainly the last LG I will buy.
  5. Lg gave me that link via their Facebook page here in NZ. The settings are different for terrestrial tv I believe. It's worth a try I guess I imagine worst case you'll need to retune TVs setup stuff.
  6. Lg gave me that link via their Facebook page here in NZ. The settings are different for terrestrial tv I believe. It's worth a try I guess I imagine worst case you'll need to retune TVs setup stuff.
  7. Lg gave me that link via their Facebook page here in NZ. The settings are different for terrestrial tv I believe. It's worth a try I guess I imagine worst case you'll need to retune TVs setup stuff.
  8. Hi, I ended up going through lgnz marketing folks via their Facebook page, they gave me a link to get the 55 download. I know the AU & NZ firmware has differences so no point sharing that but I'd suggest try through Facebook because you're right their sales support people are as useless as tits on a bull... But if you want to risk it this is what they sent me, it has solved all the problems pre 55 I was also experiencing... Here is the download link, you will need to place this file in a folder LG_DTV on a usb stick, and insert to the TV while left on an input. Let us know how you get on. http://we.tl/68nPCitT8T
  9. oh and about the two types of connections, mine seems to do this ok, I use Plex which serves all the media via the Plex app on my LG, but I can also access it via the media share/DLNA feature (if this is enabled in Plex), OR, if the NAS (in my case), or public shares (your case) are set up... It shouldn't make a difference as such. Please note I am no tech wiz, and I don't use windows but from what little I do know and my experience I can't see why these two things would clash, but others may be more informed and experienced with Windows than I am.
  10. If you're talking about a laptop rather than a NAS, i'm guessing it needs to have network sharing enabled. I don't use Windows so I'm probably not a lot of help to you, but if you have another device (laptop/pc), can you see the files from the one with the media on it on that one? You maybe just need to ensure they are public (the folders where the media lives). Generally DLNA just works in my experience although I must say the DLNA media browser in LG isn't very nice from a user experience point of view. Did you say you have Plex media server running on that laptop, can you see the media via the web browser plex interface? Have you installed the Plex app on your TV (if it's a 2015 model with WebOS2 i believe you may not be able to?)....
  11. Indeed, demonstrated by the WebOS2.x lite version for 2014 models, it was delayed here because they evidently had to do some rejigging to work with the NZ Freeview/Plus set up. The recent (last week I think) changes that Freeview made have however created problems with my TV where a stupid splash screen pops up all the time and won't go away. Good thing I don't watch actual TV (avoidance of all that advertising and the Kardashians).... This is the last time I buy LG though, I think their over sales marketing in NZ is a joke, what they say/show it as being able to do isn't what happens here.
  12. The Netflix app did finally appear here in New Zealand, and Australia I believe a few days after Netflix officially began operating in the region. Generally I have found the app to be pretty good, the ability to have multiple users/accounts is a bonus, and it does seem that if something is watched on one device it copies that across to the WebOS app as 'viewed content' etc. It can be a little laggy, but I suspect that is more to do with the ISP than the app. Generally I would say it's a job well enough done, it works, it delivers content, and it synchronises between devices as you would want it to do.
  13. Hi Newbie, if you're using Plex Media server on your laptop, and you have the LG app for Plex (which I gather isn't available in WebOS2.x) then it should auto detect it, tbh I can't remember if I needed to login, though I do remember some months back you had to be a Plex Plus subscriber for the LG app to work, that might have changed though allowing non-paying Plex users to access it. The DLNA features should similar just work if it is enabled on your media server... I know Plex has a DLNA toggle that you need switched to on in the settings.... If you can confirm what version of WebOS you have that might help in getting a better/clearer response. I'll assume its WebOS2.x given you just got it, but just to be sure can you confirm?
  14. I gotta say I've always thought for an LED/LCD TV the picture when you get up closer is very pixelated indeed, when using my mac via hdmi the picture is decidedly grainy no matter what settings I use on the mac or the TV. I don't really watch any broadcast TV so I can't say i've noticed a difference/lowering of the picture quality there. @LGSAM, I agree, the NZLG Facebook site is the only place one does seem to get a response, it's a pity their actual support people aren't as good as their social media people.

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