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  1. Thanks for replying Michael. Just to let you know I can get the free to air digital channels on the LG no problem. I am also getting the firmware updates but perhaps not all features(?). I imagine they would serve the same FW worldwide and limit access via geography somehow. Access to NZ specific apps is really the only problem I have had. Everything else seems to work fine and the picture is outstanding. All the best. Jason
  2. Hi all Sorry if this post is a double up, my previous question appears lost! We have a LGB7v bought in the UK but we've moved to New Zealand. Is there a way for me to get access to NZ based apps? I've tried to change the "Location" but there's no Asia or Oceania option. I selected "Other" and all it did remove BBC iPlayer and UK apps from viewing but I also (annoyingly) had to review and change the display settings for each source again. Regardless, it doesn't seem to have helped me anyway. Is there a way I get NZ apps and ensure my TV remains up to date with the correct firmware, etc. Many thanks Jay

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