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  1. For quite a while, amazon didn't offer hdr content versions in the webos app. A recent update has brought back the hdr content, but it's still playing in 1080. Has anyone successfully gotten 4k and hdr to play in the amazon lg app?
  2. Might be similar, that was about the same time for me. I have noticed some 'screen flashes', leading me to wonder if it might be a 'renegotiation issue' in terms of matching resolution & characteristics of the content with the LG WebOS processing. A mis-match in incoming content type could result in slower processing/display as well as a 'black stream'
  3. This Roku stick used to work on the LG, but stopped. I've tried it on all of the different 65C7p HDMI ports. I've tried another Roku Ultra and gotten the same issue. I've tried both the stick & Ultra on an older LG OLED and they seem to work. I 'think' I've narrowed it down to the latest FW on either the Roku(s) and/or the C7p.
  4. Roku stick + will work through the menu choice, but when any app content starts to stream, I get a "no signal detected" message. Any ideas?
  5. While the OLED c7p WebOS app for Netflix will render in HDR (Dolby Vision), the tagged content from the Amazon Prime app will only render in 1080p without HDR. Amazon says that the Bosch series should stream in SUHD + HDR. Is there something I need to set somewhere specific to Amazon on WebOS?

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