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IPv6 support please


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It's 2016 now. IPv6 has been around since 1997. Some countries are close to 50% deployment of IPv6.

Even my home printer supports IPv6.

The Linux kernel, on which webOS is based has been supporting a stable IPv6 implementation since the 2.6 kernel series.


This was certainly my main disappointment when I bought a LG Smart TV.

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While IPv6 compatibility would be nice how many people actually need it?  Most homes and even business are still using IPv4 on their internal, which is more than adequate.  Unless you are connecting your TV directly to the internet via an IPv6 enabled ISP the advantages of IPv6 over IPv4 are overkill.   But if I am missing something let me know what please.

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2 hours ago, ChrisJ said:

I have an OLED55E8 TV which has the option to turn on IPV6 without any explanation as to why I might need it. Should I turn it on?

Are you on an internal network that uses IPV6 or does your TV connect to the internet directly (i.e. not through a NAT enabled router)?  If your answer is yes to either of these then yes enable IPV6.

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2 hours ago, ChrisJ said:

None of my LAN network IP addresses appear to be the long format IPV6 and the TV does go thru my router to the Internet via a LAN connection.  Safe to leave IPV6 disabled?

Hi ChrisJ,

Yes you should be fine to leave it disabled, the router handles all the incoming and outgoing traffic splitting and forwarding it between the internal and external networks.  The router should be the only device visible to your ISP and if they use IPv6 it would be issued an external IPv6 address externally, the internal network it would have a IPv4 address.

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On my new 55C8, if I use IPV6, it mess up totally the automatic internal network. it's very buggy.

My network is on 196.168.1.xxx and it choose everytime another subnetwork (192.168.0.xxx with the wrong gateway).

If I change it manually , it works, but everytime I turn off/on the tv, it overwrite my manuel settings.

To keep my manual configuration I had to disabled IPV6.


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