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  1. Lg should answer this question. Why not if other brands will.
  2. Hi, don’t get me wrong, I like Lg stuff. The thing I hate though is when corp decision are to make obsolete previous, expensive and premium devices, in my case an oled65b7 that I paid 3k$ a year ago. Last week CES show, Samsung and other brands stand for airplay 2 on 2016,17 and 18 backward. I would not renew this tv for a lack of support, but come on, when time will come adding or for renew, beleave me I will remember this. Please reconsider this short strategy view. I might not be the only one: https://www.change.org/p/lg-bring-airplay-2-and-homekit-to-current-lg-webos-premium-oled-tvs
  3. Hi, I had this problem too, figured out that it came from an hdmi spliter to another tv. When my son was turning on or off a device in another room, it was flashing my oled65. Could it be something like that?
  4. I bought a oled65B7P last december, not impressed and angry at LG not willing to upg to v4.0. The only way I figured to turn on this tv with Google Home and Alexa was to buy a Logitech Harmony device.

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