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  1. Updated to 05.80.55 firmware from US website, which has the atsc in the file name instead of dvb. Even though TV is used in India it seemed less risky to stick to the original lineage. Now the webOS TV Version shows as 3.8.0-61114 (dreadlocks2-dunggir) while the firmware shows as 05.80.55 on TV. How to update the WebOS to the latest? and what is the latest version? Also, at lg.com/in for the same model it shows two different updates 05.80.55 & 4.70.36, don't understand why? should i install both? Software_File(Version_05.80.55).zip 838,986K 02/26/2020 Software_File(Version_04.70.36).zip 836,949K 02/27/2018 Thanks
  2. OLED65E7P bought in USA but later converted to India region by following the below link https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2353972 Current software version is 05.80.15 It won't find any new updates while checking from TV menu. Should I upgrade it to 05.80.55 by downloading from LG India website? starfish-dvb-secured-m16p-611.dunggir.m16p-61114-05.80.55-prodkey_usb_V3_SECURED.epk Reason for asking is sometimes the apps act funny, especially Hotstar app seems buggy or not quick to respond. Does work ok most of the time. Thanks for any helpful advice.

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