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  1. I went out on boxing day pick up a new TV in the sales and ended up with an LG 43UJ634V from Currys that was knocked down to £349. The image on the screen is impressive and I love watching 4k content using the built in YouTube App. Unfortunately I keep getting the error "this app will restart to free up more memory" , mostly when using the YouTube app but sometimes using Netflix and other times simply when browsing the menus. I've deleted pretty much every other app aside from Netflix, YouTube, Iplayer and 4od but still the problem keeps cropping up. I'm considering returning the TV over this issue if I can't find a solution, it pretty much defeats the purpose of a "smart" TV if I can't even use the supplied apps without them crashing. I made sure that other apps are closed from the "recent" screen and that the firmware has been updated to the latest version, is there anything else I can try?