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  1. Peter T Szymonik

    Hulu "Update"

    It appears the LG needs to update their app to support the latest version of Hulu (according to Hulu.) Until this done, there is only limited Hulu access available. When will LG update the Hulu app to support the latest Hulu lineup and features?
  2. Peter T Szymonik

    Hulu Support

    I recently signed up for Hulu and immediately ran into problems. The problem is that that Hulu app on my TV wasn't reflecting all of the features from Hulu I paid for. For example, many Hulu networks only offered 1-2 shows, not the entire network line up. The Hulu DVR feature was not available. Basically, the TV app didn't match what Hulu sold me. After speaking with Hulu, the said that the problem was that the LG's Hulu app needs to be updated, and that needs to be done by LG. Or I could get a Roku. It seems ridiculous to me that I paid good money for a LG SmarTV, that isn't as smart as a $40 Roku stick. Thoughts and suggestions? Peter