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Nasa TV UHD on HOTBIRD: "Service not supported"



Hi everyone,

just a curiosity: until a couple of weeks ago this channel was broadcasting in 4K a looped playlist of 4k contents.

Then for a couple of days it showed a TESTCARD image.

Now it's showing nothing and "service not supported" pops up (obviously I tried already to retune it)

This is the channel: 

link hidden, please login to view

Can anyone see it, is it a firmware problem or it's the channel itself?

Usually I analyze this using a satellite card on a pc but I don't have that now.



I own an OLED CX65  but I don't think is a TV problem. It looks like they are testing codecs or other stuff.

I am just curious if at the moment it is visible or what.


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Hi I also receive the same info: "Service not supported". Don't know what they did to the hardware but there was some changes. Here is link to reddit topic, Would be good to ask what is the reason that we don't have image: 

This is strange because on LG I get this message as mentioned but on Samsung TV I have only sound. At least I'm not the only one with the same issue :D Found some info that it's now broadcasting at 60 fps and that might be the issue. Previously it was on 30 fps.

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NASA UHD is back on air again just checked and boom it works - hurray ! :) Hope it will stay longer this time 

Last two updates from reddit topic this month:


UPDATE: 20 Mar 2022, we've installed a Harmonic ProView 7100 at our satellite dish location in Eugene, OR. This receiver is performing far better than the previous "GT Media" IRD that we had began this project with, and of course resolves the 'blips' we had every ~26 minutes using the GT Media TSoHTTP websocket... We thank Harmonic folk for sending us this unit, gratis, and appreciate their support of our project!

For stats nerds, what the ProView thinks about the NASA Galaxy 13 downlink parameters:

RF Status: Locked
C/N (dBc): 17.2
Eb/No (dB): 15.79
Link Margin (dB): 10.29
BER: 0E-10
Modulation Standard: DVB-S 
Carrier Frequency (GHz): 3.920124
L-Band Frequency (GHz): 1.230124
Frequency Offset (kHz): 124
Spectral Inversion: Inverted
Modulation & FEC: QPSK 3/4
Symbol Rate (Msym/s): 28.070316

UPDATE: 3 Mar 2022, NASA has reverted to standard 8-bit luma+chroma on the UHD satellite feed, after reports of some compatibility issues with 10-bit formats. We are still converting to a 10-bit format for the 30 fps stream to allow for best-case decoder performance and visual quality. Since most folks are using software players on the web, we enjoy broad main10 profile support, in contrast to 'hardware' decoders which often do not. NASA TV folks advised us to keep an eye out for updated and new segments being aired soon. Hopefully more folks who enjoy this stream can send emails to NASA TV folks and thank them for their work on creating and managing good content for the UHD channel. We've also added a handy, 1080/HD scaled flavor of the 30 fps stream, with a handy HTML5 player & Chromecast support. Scroll down for that URL.

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