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  1. Yes, same problem with Windows 10 & LB650V....
  2. There's no changelog available from LG. I can confirm the 4.45.04 firmware available for download via Romanian LG's website.
  3. I can confirm this too. For example, the browser is most of the time unusable since the app is continusly resetting and the page reloaded. The new message is equally annoying as the previous one. I'm so dissapointed...
  4. Updating in progress right now for Lb650v: FW: 4.45.04. Official OTA Romania.
  5. Back with my conclusion. The LG soundbar N3540 is nothing but a stilish device. After many configurations and trials, I think it was a bad investment. The LG Sound Sync is a crap. At least on WebOS. The signal is lost too many times and the Soundbar is shutting down randomly. The same is happening with the Bluetooth connectivity which is lame too (tried with a laptop and two mobile phones - LG G3 & Samsung Galaxy S2) . The only connectivity that actually works is by wire (I use an optical cable). Shame LG for such device. I really tried to fix somehow all these issues but everything fail
  6. Yes, this is what I did. It works perfectly but I'm still dissapointed since I was expecting to use the LG wireless sync connection. Nevertheless, I hope to get a fix from a future LG update of WEBOS, otherwise it makes no sense to buy an LG sound bar for that particular feature Wireless Sound Sync .
  7. Well, I just bought a LG N3540 Soundbar and the first impressions are: the sound is quite good but, the problems are: 1. Random shutdowns when YouTube videos are played 2. Sound drops for less than a second at random moments 3. Loosing pairing with the TV (lb650v) or the TV is not automatically connect to the Soundbar
  8. Is there any visible improvement ? Do the menus load faster? The LG shop is working? Please give us some more details!
  9. Please try with a different router, eventually with a 5ghz connection and let me know if you experience the same problem. It seems to be a general issue with the webOS TV models...
  10. Yes, if WebOS 2.0 goes out only for 2015 models, then all of us were fooled by LG. But it's too hard for me to believe in such situation. I'll keep myself optimist...
  11. Your network connection might interfere with the wireless signal between the TV and the sound bar. If possible try to use a 5GHz connection if your router is supporting this feature. I'm interested to buy the same sound bar for my lb650v, but what's happened to you doesn't sounds good. Please reply if you get a fix for your problem. Thx.

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