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Video format not supported by browser



I have a LG UJ6200 with WebOS TV Version 3.9.1-6280403. I use the browser on the TV to watch videos (movies or TV series) hosted by some web sites. I encountered a problem watching a few TV series. For example, I have no problem seeing Ep01 to EP04. But I got Video format not supported error on EP05 and later. I know that it is not the video because I can watch it using my computer chrome browser. It is possible that the web sites has done some updates which the TV browser does not support. Anyone has experience similar problem and found the fix ? Is there any other browser I can install on the TV to see if the problem can be fixed ?

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I have a similar problem with a favorite website where I get an error message that the videos cannot be played.   It started about 3 updates ago.

Before that web update from LG,  for my UJ6200,   all the videos from this website played fine,  but not after that update.

I've called tech support at least 2x about this and the first answer was that the next update would fix the issue but at least two updates later,  and the problem persists.

The other night,  I called again and customer service went on that same website and said that even in the newer high end LG tv models,   the videos got the same error code and the solution he recommended was for me to buy a roku stick to access that website and get the videos to play.

This isn't an acceptable solution to me because I got this smart tv to play videos from this site and others.   What good is a smart tv if I need a work around which requires me to purchase another device in order to play streaming video that used to work before one of their updates broke the ability to play them.

In fact,   I have a friend wanting a new smart tv.  and now that I now that even the latest high end LG models won't play content from this site,  I can't at all recommend and LG tv to her even if I like the picture and all other features.

Too bad LG can't fix the problem.

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