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10 Play Streaming App

Wolfgang Martin


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On 6/3/2022 at 4:41 PM, Wolfgang Martin said:

How come you can not get the 10 play streaming app on a webOs TV?

It is the service provider that has to program the app and then submit it to the LG  Content Store  so that it can be downloaded and used by LG WebOS customers.

I have tried numerous times for Ten to do just this but they refuse. Basically, EVERY OTHER FTA broadcaster makes one available EXCEPT Ten.

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6 hours ago, Noel Walker said:

If you are in Australia then  you can get to this via the built-in FreeView app. Try using the coloured buttons on your remote.

PS. You may need to turn on this feature via Settings/Programs/HBBTV

But it is incredibly klutzy when you compare it with the apps from other FTA broadcasters, and even the PayTV services and other streaming services.

These apps are specifically written for LG TVs with all the features used. For example, my TV came with a "magic remote", and all the other apps make use of it, but enabling HBBTV and using the Freeview alternative sees none of those features available. It frustrates people who are technology literate, so would be very frustrating for those who are not. In the end, you give up and find something else to watch.

If their advertisers only realised this and actedm we might get a change, but after years of waiting, I'm not holding my breath.

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G'day everyone,


I checked mt TV this afternoon to see if the 10 Play was finally available for LG WebOS. To my surprise, I saw it was. Just to make sure, I checked again and yes, the last of the FTA broadcasters have finally made it available for LG WebOS.

I downloaded and installed it, and it works, so Thank You Network 10.

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