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Cannot agree TOS when trying to login via Google

Robin S


Is there a special trick to login to a Google account with webos? I got an LG CX but I'm not able to login. After I insert my credentials I see a terms of service screen with a disabled "agree" button. When I click on "later" the only other option I'm redirected to the login screen. 

What can I do? 

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@Robin S Maybe the WebOS browser is not good enough to do that. Try logging in the SAME ACCOUNT details on another device (laptop/iPAD etc) and agree to the terms on that. If the choice is ACCOUNT based (hopefully) rather than DEVICE based (not good), then maybe you can get it to accept then (it may want to put cookies in the browser so it "knows" you have accepted the details prior, and allows a better login experiance next time, on the TV)? Ovbiously you should "accept cookies" on the TV browser if it asks, as these are mostly benign and helpful, and can often keep you logged in (very handy).

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