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@Ha Duy Unfortunately most smart TV's, including LG, have their own built-in browser app, that is tied to the operating system inside the TV. In the LG case, this is WebOS. Also of course, the YouTube APP is a "browser wrapper" app that SPECIFICALLY uses the YouTube site. You cannot change that either. However, there are a couple of hints further down that MIGHT help you.

Smart TV's are NOT like a PC (although many think they have the same functionality AND architecture, but that is FAR from the truth), and so software cannot just be changed or added to in an uncontrolled way.

All LG TV's (and most others too), are limited to be able to use a very controlled "app store", so that ONLY apps that are know to work properly on specific models, in specific countries, can be downloaded and used. So, the browser in an LG TV will be a proprietary one, and will NOT allow extensions or ad-blockers. 

However, having said all that, for general advertising (other than YouTube ads) that might be bothering you, try this first:

For LG sets, press the Settings button on your remote and head to All Settings > General > LivePlus and turn it off. You may also want to turn off personalized advertising from All Settings > General > About This TV > User Agreements from the General page.

For YouTube ads, these tend to be "in-content" ads, driven by the owners of YouTube, i.e. GOOGLE. The problem there, is that the ads will come from MANY sources, and you will NOT be able to block those easily. You COULD purchase a YouTube premium subscription, that is SUPPOSED to be "ad free", but I am not sure if you can log in on the YouTube TV app to do that (maybe a user on this forum has done that, and post experiences of doing that on here)? - I rarely use the TV apps (other than specific TV channel apps) , as I find them too buggy, especially the browser and YouTube, so I cannot advise on that part.

However, if BROWSER ads are cuasing you an issue, or some TV function or player is giving you unwanted ads still, even after you altered the settings recommended above, you COULD try this hint below, provided you can log into your router, and it has a content filter:


link hidden, please login to view

In the content filter of your router, put the following URLs for blocking:


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