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how to update default browser of tv



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As davexnet said, there is no option or solution for updating or even changing your Web browser. I have looked at this very same thing several times, because in their total disregard and contempt for their paying customers LG have blocked anything that they can not monetarise or anything that might in any way actually enhance your use of their sub par products.

Ohhh ......and they have also started to not support certain web sites and pages that up until now have been available through the web browser, like Youtube, you now have to install the app and thats money in the bank for LG.

Do not waste your time and energy contacting LG about anything, they will just ignore you. My advise to you, get an Android TV box and use that to download any apps you want and any web brower you like and as soon as you get the chance, get rid of your LG TV and buy one that actually does what it is supposed to do.   


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13 hours ago, ironmonkey said:

" My advise to you, get an Android TV box and use that to download any apps you want and any web brower you like and as soon as you get the chance, get rid of your LG TV and buy one that actually does what it is supposed to do.   "

Yes, freeing yourself from the "Smart" offerings in the TV will open up many things.  But I have a feeling that all of the TV manufacturers are similar, nothing to be gained by switching brands as far as I can see.  Anybody know if any of the other TV brands offer alternative browsers on their content stores? Perhaps Android based TV ?


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8 hours ago, davexnet said:

"But I have a feeling that all of the TV manufacturers are similar, nothing to be gained by switching brands as far as I can see"

8 hours ago, davexnet said:

There is a big difference between an Android TV and an LG TV. An Android TV has as standard about 16 Gigs of onboard memory and LG TV has about 500 megabytes of internal memory, so theres that.

Also an Android TV has access to thousands of apps direct from the Play Store that allow you to have a lot of choice and actually add value to the product that is supposed to be a "Smart TV" LG have literally a handfull of rubbish apps that nobody uses, their app store is insulting. LG have even stopped supporting the one Web Browser that they do allow you to use, so that some web sites wont even load though the Web Browser, forcing you to use the add heavy apps or forcing you to subscribe to the pay to view apps like Netflix.

I used to have an older Android TV and i never once had an error message telling me that "the TV needs to close down to save the memory" i get that every 40 minutes with my LG smart TV, allong with pages not loading because of not enough memory, extremely slow loading times and unresponsive commands amongst many other things. 

I would argue  that there is absolutely nothing to be gained from by keeping a LG TV and everything to be gained by either changing to an Android TV or even an Android TV box. 


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