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Copy and paste text



How can I copy and paste text, for example from the URL bar in the browser???


How come a very basic feature like this be missed?????????????????!!!!!!


I started to hate this OS

Bad decision to buy it instead of android TV.  LG is not putting any effort to catch up with the very basic features!!!!! 

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My guess would be that tube Cuppy takes write memory and Im not sure that technology is available on this OS.  Theoretically , you could copy vast amounts of data and I dont think that it would know how to pick and choose if you can copy the amount that you selected. Undooubtedly the technology exists everywhere except they didint use that chipset forwhtever reason.  

So I have a  follow up question: 

I use an external  (bluetooth) keyboard when I am browsing the LG Web OS.. Does anyone happen to know if there is any browsing commands that can be executed from these things? For example CTRL P for Print (just as an example, Im awre this is not a print feature)

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