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Homekit not working, Airplay 2 only partly




From the Netherlands. I have a OLED 55C9. Airplay 2 works partly. But Homekit doesn't at all!. When scanning the QR code generated by the TV, the TV says it has been configured with Homekit. However, my Homekit app says that adding the LG OLED has failed. The tv is connected by ethernet and WiFi, the iPhone on the same wifi....With other iPhone no result either.

Some Airplay features work, others not:

MacBook Pro:  ScreenMirror works, playing films from iTunes works, playing films directly from QuickTime and selecting Airplay to LG TV DOESN'T work.

iPhone: Airplay works with all features.


Anyone know a solution???

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update. I tried to use homekit again (there were LG firmware update and Apple iOS updates). At first I couldn't get it to work. My mistake, the LG was still partly connected to HomeKit. After severing that connection I was able to connect to Homekit AND use the connection Magic Remote + Settop Box. To the problem is fixed!!!!

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7 minutes ago, tvguy said:

@robertapple1 That's awesome! So you can turn the set off via the home app now? I may disconnect and reconnect it after work today.

Yes, I can turn it on and off using the app. And use "scenes" (e.g. turn off tv when I leave the house). Also, I can open the  "settings" menu of the TV, but cannot navigate these settings using the app. Furthermore I can select my settop box, Airplay or Live TV (not in use, I don't have cable). I cannot use the home app to further control the TV, it doesn't work as a universal remote. So basically, ATM, it is a fancy ON/OFF switch, nothing more, and thus a bit disappointing.

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3 minutes ago, tvguy said:

@robertapple1 Robert, do you know your firmware version? I still have the bluetooth interference thing between the magic remote and Homekit. I am on 04.70.12. Thanks for the help.

@tvguyfirmware 4.70.5; for the LG of course😁. So newer. I was even able to connect the LG OLED to Homekit with the connection MagicRemote-Settopbox INTACT!

But beware: I am in the Netherlands, and I see that u are in the USA. So maybe different firmware updates apply

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19 minutes ago, tvguy said:

@robertapple1  I'll just have to be a bit patient then. Thanks!

correction! FW 04.70.05. I checked the Dutch LG website. 

3. Release History  
1. To improve WISA audio output issue.  

1. Picture Quality Update.  

1. To improve HDR game mode issue.  
2. To improve French translation.  

1. Amazon Alexa service ready. Need to download "Amazon Alexa" app from LG Contents Store. (USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Australia, India, New Zealand, Japan) (This Service will be available soon)  
2. Improving Youtube voice service  
3. Adding sound bar to Home dashboard  
4. Fixed minor bugs.  

1. Picture Quality Update.  

1. fix that the contents is not played in App like Rakuten.  

1. Apple AirPlay 2 & HomeKit service  

1. 19Y B&O TV(V300) SW development  
2. TV Voice assistant using mobile LG TV plus App  
3. Adding Voice assistant feature in Netflix  
4. Enhancement to Amazon Alexa service  
5. Enhancement to Home Dashboard


So no version 04.70.12 here in NL. Are firmware versions in US different?  With version 03.60.19 I was not able to use homeKit

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9 hours ago, tvguy said:

@robertapple1 Interesting. So i was at 04.70.05 before. What type of cable box do you have?  Mine is manufactured by Humax.

I am still getting the bluetooth interference issue you described. If I turn off the Magic Remote functionality to the cable box, everything works perfectly.

I will do some more testing later. Thanks again.

I have an Entone cable box.

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52 minutes ago, tvguy said:

@robertapple1 I'm in business! The fix was re-mapping the magic remote to the cable box using Humax, the cable box manufacturer and not Spectrum.

Good to hear ! Funny, some sort of remapping happened to me as well, albeit automatically. My settop box was first "recognised" by the TV as "Ballard Rural Telephone" (an unknown to me, USA-based company), and HomeKit didn't work. Now, the last time, it was "recognised" by the TV as "Entone", the manufacturer !!!. Weird coincidence. Well, glad to help someone from Kansas!

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13 hours ago, tvguy said:

@robertapple1 Ha! Dorothy lives right down the street from me actually ( ; I see you are Netherlands? Quick question, out of curiosity does your cable channel information load under the LG guide menu?

if you mean the menu that appears when you press the "guide"button on the remote, the answer is no. I have a fibre glass connection; from the modem an ethernet cable goes to my settop box. There is no DVB-C (eg cable connection) signal, so no guide.


Or do you mean something else?

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A conversation with Apple helped me realise the problem. The Apple guy asked: is bluetooth (BT) on? Of course it was, but then it hit me: Airplay control works with BT. And therein lies the problem.

When I bought the TV it automatically recognised my settop-box/decoder (Ballard Rural Telephone Cooperation is how it is called on my TV; it is provided by T-Mobile Netherlands). This set-up makes it possible to use the LG Magic Remote as a universal RC to control my settop box. This feature uses BT.......

After disconnecting the LG Magic Remote from the settop box, the Homekit app on my iPhone recognised my LG TV and added it as an accessory. Succes at last. BUT, after setting up my LG Magic Remote again to control my settop box, the Homekit app didn't get a respons from the LG TV anymore.

My conclusion is, that there is a Bluetooth protocol interference at play here, that I as a user cannot fix. My opinion is that LG needs to contact Apple to streamline each others usage of BT protocols, and come up with a firmware update.

At the moment I choose in favour of using my settop box with the LG Magic Remote, as the functionality of the HomeKit controls of the TV is limited, but I would love to be able to use both.

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