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  1. @robertapple1 Got it. Yeah I'm in same boat. The guide is pretty janky anyway. What was cool though is asking the tv to turn to certain channels ( : I really only watch 6-7 channels anyway.
  2. @robertapple1 Ha! Dorothy lives right down the street from me actually ( ; I see you are Netherlands? Quick question, out of curiosity does your cable channel information load under the LG guide menu?
  3. @robertapple1 I'm in business! The fix was re-mapping the magic remote to the cable box using Humax, the cable box manufacturer and not Spectrum.
  4. @robertapple1 Interesting. So i was at 04.70.05 before. What type of cable box do you have? Mine is manufactured by Humax. I am still getting the bluetooth interference issue you described. If I turn off the Magic Remote functionality to the cable box, everything works perfectly. I will do some more testing later. Thanks again.
  5. @robertapple1 I'll just have to be a bit patient then. Thanks!
  6. @robertapple1 Robert, do you know your firmware version? I still have the bluetooth interference thing between the magic remote and Homekit. I am on 04.70.12. Thanks for the help.
  7. @robertapple1 you should be able to find the tv in the remote app?
  8. @robertapple1 That's awesome! So you can turn the set off via the home app now? I may disconnect and reconnect it after work today.
  9. I have the cable matters and it works well for streaming (AND FAST). I did notice it won't work for downloading software updates though which is odd. I have to unplug it and download over wifi. Any ideas on that one? Thanks.
  10. Do it before hooking up your magic remote to your cable box.
  11. @robertapple1 Cool then we are at the same place. Thanks for your insight on the Bluetooth interference that was spot on. Hopefully LG will do something to resolve.
  12. @robertapple1 Interesting idea with the bluetooth, hadn't considered that. I have a Spectrum box so may play around with unplugging it and see what happens. Thought of a few more things for you. Have you tried adding the TV to homekit using another ios device like an iPad? May work. Another idea is sign in/out of iCloud on the device. Also make sure iCloud keychain is enabled. Homekit has always been finicky for me and finally working reliably with my homepods but it took a few software updates. The TV needs one for sure.
  13. That happened to me and factory default reset on the LG fixed it. You might try it.
  14. Anyone else having homekit connectivity issues? I am good until the TV turns on at which point I get no response from the home app and it essentially breaks. Frustrating. Any ideas?

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