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Luis Araos


I used to cast from ace stream directly to my UJ6300 and I had no problems until a few days ago when the TV got an update for WebOS 3.7 I think. Now whenever I try to cast to the TV it just shows a black screen on the "Web App Viewer" app, I was wondering if maybe I could set a different player as default player when streaming from my phone instead of the Web App Viewer, as when I play from other sources it starts the "Photo&Video" player. 

Otherwise I think I would have to downgrade the OS to the previous stable version. 

Anyone else having this problem? 

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2 hours ago, Luis Araos said:

I used to cast from ace stream directly to my UJ6300 and I had no ..  

Anyone else having this problem? 

Finally someone else with the same issue! Im sorry to hear obviously but its Almost impossible to google being too convoluted with 'mirracast' and 'screen mirroring' :@

Fyi. Im using  LG UK6400PLF. Exact same issue. I use acestream(acemedia) on android and select my tv as the device to play the video on. Now after the initial webOS app loading-circle its just an unresponsive black screen on the tv. Its seems like the player hasn't kicked in atall because theres no buttons or 0.00 timer or anything.

 Always worked brilliantly until 1/2 weeks ago,  would play the video much better than using screen mirroring (its the only way i can use the hdr setting and motion smooth ).  

I have not had time to contact customer support directly yet will try tomorrow. 

To OP: I managed to get an okayish stream through 'screen-mirroring'  and using vlc player as the player. Vlc will cast the image to your tv WITHOUT duplicating the image on the phone as well. Nowhere near as good but its smoothest and most stable i could get it. Video player or gallery seem to slow the phone down too much. 


Please update if you resolve i will do the same. Tried all the std resets etc nothing happening.

Anyway to roll back software?





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Same exact problem with me. Everything working fine until some point and then it stopped working.

First got the mentioned black screen showing nothing but  the player buttons and the 0.00 timer. Now everytime I try to cast from Ace Stream, it fails, and I can just briefly see on the tv a menu (which quickly disappears) asking if I accept or not the connection request. I can't neither accept or deny because the menu disappears, almost like the tv is blocking the connection.

Any thoughts on how solve it?

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So, it seems like the WebOS update messes up the Ace Stream casting. 

If your android phone is Samsung (mine is S9+), you can use the built-in Smart View's  Screen Mirror function to connect to the tv and then play the Ace Stream content on the phone. The good thing about it is you can still use other apps on your phone and they won't show up on your tv, just the Ace Stream content.  I am not sure non-Samsung Android phones can do the same though.

Hopefully, another WebOS update will fix the problem.

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LG 55E5, same problem.

The pairing works, I managed to control de volume in the phone, but the screen is black, and I don't see the time-skiping bar.

I've downgraded the AcePlayer app, with no avail. More upgraded the LG Firmware and nothing...

Is there any change we could use an external app? To play the video stream that is played in the phone app?

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The new webos version was released for me this morning. I have updated to 04.10.31 from 04.10.04 but the acestream cast functionality is still broke!

Argh was convinced the newest update would resolve this being so soon :/.

Has anyone had any luck with reverting to an earlier version? I almost got there but security restrictions on my works laptop mean i can't use this conputer to "host" the update (downgrade) files. 

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