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Youtube app not scrolling.

Stephen Pritchard


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On 26/03/2018 at 7:31 AM, Stephen Pritchard said:


For some reason the scroll right and left arrows  have disappeared from the youtube app when using my mouse. 

I've tried installing the app again but no luck. 

Any ideas? 



I must admit I do not recall there ever being arrows on the screen to indicate scroll direction, I have always used the left and right arrow buttons on my remote to scroll back and forth.  What model TV & version of YouTube do you have?

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Hi I have the exact same issue. surprising that there is not much about it online! I have the magic remote which only has the vertical scroll wheel. and it bugs me everytime I want to scroll left or right in youtube and miss a lot of the search results.


in the photo posted by the OP how do you scroll to the videos on the right of the Rick Gervais video? pic of my remote also attached.


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On 8/11/2018 at 10:45 PM, Bu Malek said:

I just brought it and same problem here cannt scroll youtube left or right to review videos in the same channell

Only up and down 

Any help

I’m also having the same problem trying to figure out how to scroll horizontally thru the YouTube search results listings. I think I almost remember doing it successfully like 1 time the first time I used the app when setting everything up on the new smart tv, but have been unable to figure it out or do it successfully since. I can’t find anything else on how to fix this online either??

the results listings appear to get cropped off of the tv screen about halfway thru the 4th listing image & description so I feel like there MUST be a way to do this

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