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Can i program the netflix button



Hi everyone,

I am new to Webos and to the forum...i am sure this question has been answered before but i can't find the answer.

Can i program the netflix button on the remote to launch a another app?

also my TV isn't connected to any live tv services....can i change webOS to automatically start an app when switched on?



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I agree both amazon and netflix buttons should allow for customization .

I have no intention of using  either service .  a you tube and browser launch buttons would be much better. 

I'm a very disappointed with webos  TBH. 

I have an android box with google tv and it is much  better, maybe I was spoilt  by  having it before I purchased  my smart tv..... 


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i disagree here a bit.

At least on my TV it is very fast and easy to use, Android boxes , at least the ones i tried are very slow.

Were i agree with you is currently the features are a bit limited.

The button customization is very high on my wishlist, as is beeing able to launch a webpage in fullscreen from the menu.

Also some apps are missing, but luckily for me, my main apps such as Plex and SIPTV are working fine.


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I also agree that being able to customize this buttons would be nice.

It's pity that on a remote so useful this buttons are wasted, of course for people that have the services the option would still be there. 

Even if I would register to a streaming service, I would not pay for all 3 providers.

So +3 from me.  

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Look at who the two buttons are assigned to.  I’m sure they’re paying a whole bunch of money for those dedicated (ads) buttons.

I doubt they’re ever going away or will ever be customizable.

At least it’d be nice to have a single extra customizable button for another app in a convenient location.

Until then it’s long press 9...

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