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  1. i disagree here a bit. At least on my TV it is very fast and easy to use, Android boxes , at least the ones i tried are very slow. Were i agree with you is currently the features are a bit limited. The button customization is very high on my wishlist, as is beeing able to launch a webpage in fullscreen from the menu. Also some apps are missing, but luckily for me, my main apps such as Plex and SIPTV are working fine.
  2. nemilose thank you, That solved issue 1 I exported it to USB and edited the xml file manualy. Pitty LG only recognized the first 4 chars, but i am happy.
  3. I like webos on my TV, but there are only two small anoying details that would be great if there is a way around it. 1. TV in Portugal Vodafone has still Cable and Antenna channels. Scanning is not a problem and quality is acceptable for the source. Those channels because they are analogue will not gain description and only show the frequency name such as "S34". Is there any way to rename the channel to something more human readable such as "RTP1" ? 2. Adding a bookmark from the web browser to the main screen works like a charm, but is there any way when lauching the bookmark from there in FullScreen and it doesn't show the intire browser ? thanks

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