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Michał Jurczuk


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When it comes to stream music from music app to other devices, some music apps won't allow you to do that. Take Tidal app as an example, you can't use the music on any other devices or platforms even you had downloaded the music. But here is a tool that can help you. It is

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, which aims to convert Tidal music files to common audio formats and then you can stream them to other devices for listening without any limitation.

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I am a premium subscriber of Spotify, but streaming music services like Spotify and Amazon Music are troublesome because they are all protected by DRM. Therefore, we must use third-party software to remove DRM and download songs.
I have used this

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to successfully download songs to my computer. If you want to move Spotify Music to other devices or other apps, you can use the converter to download the songs to your computer first, and then move them manually To the app or device you need.

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Amazon Music is a good choice. If you have an Amazon Prime member, you can access over 2 million songs for free, and you can upgrade to Music Unlimited with a discount. To play Amazon Music on your phone, you just need to download the Amazon Music app from the App Store. If you haven't tried it before, Amazon offers you a 3-month free trial of Music Unlimited. In addition, to keep the amazon songs on your phone forever, you can

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 on your computer, and then transfer all the downloaded amazon songs to your phone.

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