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Request to add the IFLIX Apps


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LG while creating and managing the webOS platform they do not (the majority of the time) produce any apps for the platform.  It is down to content providers to create an app for their programming.

So while it is nice to be able to come to a forum to ask for an app and others can show their support as well, user really need to engage directly with content providers.  It is always useful to point content providers to this forum to help show them that there is a healthy appetite for their services though.

Also it should be remembered that this forum is a user to user site, not an LG to user site.

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    • By sjsethi
      Hi, I really hope that LG WebOS can add on the IFLIX apps (
      link hidden, please login to view ) for a user in Pakistan .  Pakistan Telecommunication company limited and IFlix have  a  AGREEMENT. PTCL user have one year free  "IFlix" subscription.  I very sure it will boost up the LG tv market and sell. Thank you.
    • By Royd Arthur Lerch
      When are you going to add Iflix to the premium channels? It is popular  and much cheaper than Netflix and actually provides more English user shows  than Netflix.
      Thanks, Royd Arthur Lerch
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