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  1. Hi, Hve a nice day. No replu from LG.
  2. Hi, I really hope that LG WebOS can add on the IFLIX apps ( http://iflix.com ) for a user in Pakistan . Pakistan Telecommunication company limited and IFlix have a AGREEMENT. PTCL user have one year free "IFlix" subscription. I very sure it will boost up the LG tv market and sell. Thank you.
  3. Hi, Have a nice day. My LG TV with webOS 3.0. 43 LJ 550 I am looking to install “IFLIX” and a few Apps available on Google Play, however, it seems Google Play is not installed on the webOS software pre-installed. I can only find Google Play Movies and TV, which does not allow me to install 3rd party Apps. Is there a way to install Google Play app and 3rd party apps ?

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