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No Netflix App for LG 49UF7787



Hello all,


I have just bought an LG 49UF7787 from Germany. After setting it up, the preinstalled Netflix app wanted me to update itself. It does not work without updating. When I try to update, it gives me "content not available" error. It is not even listed in the all apps section.


Is it something related to the TV itself or a general Netflix app problem on WebOS 2.0?





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Nope. No app for that model (I have the same, just 55"). It seems that there is no LG app for many LG tv's produced in 2015. According to some sources it may arrive by the end of march. Stupid LG, and stupid webos....

It is a shame for LG to sell a smart TV without support to very basic and common apps like Netflix.

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I was using Netflix in 4K before last update where I went to reset TV to factory settings, after that I have same issue.

Official statement of LG Croatia is that Netflix is playing movies in only 30 FPS where my TV is running at 60 FPS.

I have 49UF8507 model.

You know their argument (if we can call it an argument at all) is quite flawed. Your TV did not become 60FPS capable overnight. It had the same hardware before and after the firmware update. It's about something that LG have broken with their firmware on specific tv models without previously reconciling it with Netflix. So its now up to Netflix (or who ever is developing these apps) to develop the new app which can work under new conditions which were enforced by LG - the company which obviously does not give a rats ass about customer experience....

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