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Can anyone tell me why i cant update flash player??

I bought this TV mainly for movie/football streaming and i cant even update Flash to watch

Can you give me a link where it says Flash was available or ever likely to be available on this TV?

These streams you are trying to illegally watch - have you approached the people who stream these to ask if they can stream in a format that you can watch on your TV - specifically bought to watch illegal streams?

Good luck with all of that.

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OMFG, I cant beleive that I did it again .. NO FLASH Enabled Browser.


Back in 2011 I bought 55 inch 3d led TV and suprise no flash player support for web browser.

Just bought another LG TV 49LF6300 and guess what NO FLASH SUPPORT STILL  ...!!!!!


For god sake LG get with the program..   Hello Flash only one of the webs largest technologies on most website etc etc.


I tried to return the TV to the retailer for refund but No Luck.    My house is full of LG Product. I will no longer by LG Products if this is the standard of there technology.

It is not hard to get an app made that supports flash browser for there web-os  on these tv's 


PEOPLE POWER  if everybody lodges a complaint and stops buying LG perhaps they might PULL their fingers out and do something about it.


Very Unhappy customer here .

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Can you give me a link where it says Flash was available or ever likely to be available on this TV?

These streams you are trying to illegally watch - have you approached the people who stream these to ask if they can stream in a format that you can watch on your TV - specifically bought to watch illegal streams?

Good luck with all of that.

Seriously WHY do you automatically go to illegal watching situations??? I bought subscription to baseball & cannot watch due to flash plug-in problem. So I'm about to ask for help in here. So can some one please help me? Do I get preferential help if I'm not illegally watching baseball?

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I now sit with the same problem - kind of a let down!

Our local stations have made it easy for us to stream instead of running it through our old architecture...which is a first for SA, but i didn't think i would be challenged with such a stupid problem as flash...

Is there not webOS apps that can resolve web browser streaming? 



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Don't get me wrong - LG is a great TV, and WebOS3 is a fast and convenient OS.

But NOT supporting Flash is a killer!


I spent a thousand dollars (thank goodness the space on the wall was too small for bigger TVs) to learn that I cannot watch my PAID subscription because of the lack of support for FLASH!


The bottom line: I would not buy any LG again, and I will strongly advise that people avoid it, since you (LG) intentionally restrict users from being free to fully enjoy it.


I would also advise users to stop caring about what or who is licensed or not. I have paid for hardware, I have paid for services, and I expect to get value for my money.


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On 3/18/2016 at 10:13 AM, JANAKA said:

I'm fully agreed on above comments. But no luck. No any support from LG team. Same issue with my LG web os TV. That is the deference between Samsung and LG. LG is far behind on technology.

What a f****** TV. Can't install falshplayer

So maybe I am late to the party on reading these posts about LG TV's as I downloaded and signed into HBOGO on my new smart TV but receive an error message Flash plug-in installation is not supported on this device.... !  So that is it? nothing I can do to get around this and play HBOGO on my LG smart TV?



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On 04/01/2017 at 5:36 PM, 1inamillion17 said:

Bemused myself as to why these TV's don't support flash player yet you can watch YouTube on the tv which uses flash player,explain that one LG...

Actually YouTube will display videos in HTML5 is your application/device supports it.  So the YouTube app if created by themselves either renders HTML5 or they have baked in Flash support, I am going to take a guess at it being the former.

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