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60UF7300 --Unable to update the apps....Web OS version 4.20.46

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Hi All,


I got a new TV few days back. 60UF7300.

When I launched netflix and youtube day before they requested for a update and after update they worked.

Yesterday, I tried updating HULU and I get a Network Error. Called customer care and They asked me to try factory reset.

After reset no apps work :(.

The Web OS version id 4.20.46.

Does anyone know what is the latest version for this TV.

Or How can I go to a working version of software?

Also is the WebOS software same for all models ?

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I just got this TV and the smart part hasn't worked since delivery. I click on Netflix, for instance, and it waits for a couple seconds and then says "Network Error(2)" but the network is most certainly setup correctly. The only thing that works is the web browser. It sounds like the same problem you had. If you have any experience fixing it, please let me know. I'm running the same version 04.20.46.

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I called CS and they said the problem was somehow related to Comcast. They're working on an update that should be done this week. I decided to set up a hotspot on my AT&T iPhone. I updated each app individually (I didn't see a way to update all) and then switched back to Comcast and it worked! Updates were probably <100 MB in total so it wasn't that bad...

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Hi sumankantabathina,


you said you updated ur TV apps using USB tethering (not hotspot)...how did you use USB tethering to connect your TV with mobile data? 


I also tried usb tethering by connecting my smartphone with TV using usb cable and enabling usb tethering, but TV didnt identify any network. Hotspot doesnt works as its another wireless signal



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ok thanks...


Mine webOS version is still 03.xx.xx...check updates finds no latest version..


I see few of us here has 04.xx.xx...are there anyone who also has 03.xx.xx version and sees no latest version? 


those who have 04.xx.xx, how were you able to get this version?

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LG is aware that some users experienced difficulty accessing the LG Content Store between 12/30/2015 and 1/4/2016. After researching this, it was noticed that this issue appeared to be occurring on units utilizing Comcast as the ISP.  All access issues have been resolved at this time. If you continue to experience difficulties accessing the Smart World/LG Content Store, we are here to help.


For additional assistance, please contact us at 1-800-243-0000. We’ll be happy to help you with resolving this issue. 


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