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  1. Thanks for the update LG. Why do some of us here have older webOS version, 03.xx.xx and other have latest version, 04.xx.xx? When can we get the latest version update? I don't see one, currently for my TV. Thanks,
  2. ok thanks... Mine webOS version is still 03.xx.xx...check updates finds no latest version.. I see few of us here has 04.xx.xx...are there anyone who also has 03.xx.xx version and sees no latest version? those who have 04.xx.xx, how were you able to get this version?
  3. Hi sumankantabathina, you said you updated ur TV apps using USB tethering (not hotspot)...how did you use USB tethering to connect your TV with mobile data? I also tried usb tethering by connecting my smartphone with TV using usb cable and enabling usb tethering, but TV didnt identify any network. Hotspot doesnt works as its another wireless signal Thanks
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