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New UK Firmware available now



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This version is publicated in january, and when you download it, you will see date on the end of file name, the date is 20141224. That means this file is from december. I don't know why they putted release date 05.02.2015, in Serbia is the same.

They put the release date of 05/02/15 because that was the date it was released in the UK. Hence the title of the thread. It was not officially available in the UK till that date.

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I update with manually 4.55

I was thing to update with 4.66

Very ease procedure. Just make fake appache LG server and place file with direct ROM.

Still Today application is missing. My region language is set to Bulgaria.

Still LG store have old user interface.

link hidden, please login to view

Missing menu for LUVE, TV SHOW AND OTHERS.

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