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Can't get screensaver off



Hi everyone,


I just bought a new LG television for a lobby in the company.

It's a 55" LG Smart TV with WebOS.


This tv is to show the narrowcasting system. But after a few hours the tv gets in to something like a screensaver.

The narrowcasting is playing with the webbrowser from the installed apps.


Does anyone knows how to get the screensaver off?


Thankyou very much:)

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I have the same problem.

TV model: 42LB630V

Upgraded to latest firmware version available on LG site, but screensaver continues to appear. All power saving and eco settings are disabled. It's very annoying. Tried to call to Lithuanian LG support, but they couldn't help me.

What else I can do?


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did you talk with the Lg technical support? I am in contact with them but I dont know if I am loosing my time. the problem is related with the new firmware. in my case I have an Lg 42lb630v with an old firmware that doesn't have this problem, but the new ones I recently bought (that have the new firmware) have this problem and,  as far as I know, it is not possible to downgrade the new ones to previous firmware.

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I have the same problem, is there already a solution? I want to show dynamic content in the browser. So, a screensaver is not needed. But LG support says, there is no user input, so the screensaver starts. I was wondering if I could simulate user-input with javascript on the website. Does somebody already tried that?

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Hi, we have recently pursached five televisions model 47LB652V-ZA and suffer the same problem. We use them for showing a static webpage with some stats, but after one hour the screensaver starts. All ECO configs are off.


The webos version is 1.3.0-3216. I have updated one of them to 1.3.1-3220 with the same result.

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My final solution was: exchanging the webos television for an older LG with netcast. The browser of netcast did not have this problem and I directly stopped automatic updating, before the LG-boys come up with an annoying update ;-) 


First I tried to build a webapp for the webos television. The webapp worked perfectly, but the same problem still existed. The screensaver started after a same period.

So do not put your time in trying to build a webapp!   


But if somebody knows the solution, I'm still interested. Building a webapp for netcast is more difficult.

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