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    Can't get screensaver off

    I believe I have a similar issue. Hopefully, my 2 cents may help others with their issue and/or shed some light on the problem I am having: Medium sized business environment. LG 70LB7100 on the wall. Cabled in. Static IP. 192.168.1.X. Confirmed it can get to the internet through built in web Browser. Currently no firmware updates available when a check is run. Windows 8.1 Surface Pro. 4.00 GB, 64-bit, Office 2013. No updates on OS nor Office have been run yet. On wireless network. Surface can ping TVs IP address. I am able to initialize a screen share (Project through Windows 8.1 to a Device, in this case the LG TV). I show an excel spreadsheet with production data. It works for a while. However, after an undetermined amount of time the TV appears to go into screensaver mode. It has the colliding colorful "paint blobs" and the words screen share, slowly bouncing around the screen. I am in another room and have not been able to actually put a stopwatch on the error, nor am I sure if the clock starts over when someone moves the remote. I too have gone through all the menus. Turned off anything to do with timers, powers saving, etc. I can't find a menu item for screen saver. I just need my Excel spreadsheet to be on the TV 24/7..... Thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas.