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  1. Hi Virmis, The problem at my tv was solved by an update. Check again the eco settings and store mode. If that won't work, restore the settings to manifacture settings and try it again.
  2. It's a black screen with the time on the screen
  3. Yesss... Finaly after the update the tv didn't show the screensaver again. This topic can be closed.
  4. Yes, all the ECO settings are turned off. I've also tried to update the tv but it didnt work
  5. Hi everyone, I just bought a new LG television for a lobby in the company. It's a 55" LG Smart TV with WebOS. This tv is to show the narrowcasting system. But after a few hours the tv gets in to something like a screensaver. The narrowcasting is playing with the webbrowser from the installed apps. Does anyone knows how to get the screensaver off? Thankyou very much:)
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