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  1. RT @EuroLeague: 🔉Sound On! Some of the @bczalgiris crowd stayed back to listen to the press conference of Šarūnas Jasikevičius last night.…

  2. RT @bczalgiris: #Zalgiris - @cskabasket 85:73. What a game!!! For the second year in a row @ZalgirioArena witnesses win vs #CSKA! @EuroLeag…

  3. RT @bczalgiris: #Zalgiris captain Paulius #Jankunas makes history! The 3 defensive rebounds in the last game moves @P_Jankunas13 to #1⃣ spo…

  4. I've just joined Revolut's banking revolution! No more rip off fees and hidden charges for me! Join me here: https://t.co/nBi40Rk17v

  5. @krakenfx noooo way, kraken's stable as f**k 🤣

  6. Yet another boring race... #F1#AbuDhabiGP

  7. RT @mattcjordan: Building Docker containers is definitely the replacement excuse for "I'm waiting for it to finish compiling."

  8. RT @Bote_Comm: @voicegal If you agree, press 1. If you disagree, press 2. To hang up, press 2.

  9. Nowadays RedBull beverage helps you not to fall asleep while watching #f1 #LibertyMedia all eyes on you!

  10. Tried to talk with LG support, but they are wondering why i get screensaver, they didn't know anything about it. They say, that with the same firmware they tried to leave browser opened and didn't get screensaver at all.
  11. Here you go: Photo of screensaver: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fufn7uzc1vz2pe5/IMG_20141128_165445.jpg?dl=0 Video of screensaver: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zk1458but9sff7e/VID_20141128_165500.mp4?dl=0
  12. Hi, As I wrote, my firmare is latest available from www.lg.com Eco mode is off Home/Store mode is set to Home restore to factory defaults didn't help
  13. Hi, I have the same problem. TV model: 42LB630V Upgraded to latest firmware version available on LG site, but screensaver continues to appear. All power saving and eco settings are disabled. It's very annoying. Tried to call to Lithuanian LG support, but they couldn't help me. What else I can do? Thanks!
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