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LG webos TV available in France


I recently bought a 42LB650V.

Very awesome TV set with a good image quality and a "headacheless" 3D but few things are not yet ready:

LG store comming soon (when ?)

Smartshare can't read all files and lhe list is quite unreadable.


Does someone else own this TV ?

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I tried several locations and languages including FR to no avail. Most likely it checks the real location based on IP.

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No update for France, my webos stills at 3.00.56.

I bought the AN-MR400 magic remote. It does'nt seem to work on a 42LB650.

What is the problem with the LG appliances ? Are all their stuff half achieved ? is it reliable ? is there a problem with the software ?


Anyway, I can still watch TV.

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I have a 55LB670V in Romania, software version 03.00.47, webOS 1.0.0-7907. No updates are available and LG Store says "Coming soon". :(

I am also from Romania and so far I have already have 2 system upgrades. Now I have the version 03.23.17. The LG Store is available for some time.

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What is the TV model you have? Is it a **LB670*? What is your ISP? Maybe my ISP (RDS) is blocking the access to the update server although the preinstalled apps were able to receive updates. Those could be on a different server.

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