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webOS TV Remote iOS App



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Of course! 


Web OS Version : 1.2.0-2708

Software Version: 03.23.08

Model: 42LB630V-ZA


I'm in Portugal, not sure if the firmware changes per region but there should be a digit change at least because of the pre installed apps


Let me know if I can help any further

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Finally, I got it working.
After days of trying everything I could think off, it turns out the "LG Connect Apps" setting in the tv menu was in the "OFF" position. However, the greek translation of the menu implied the opposite.

Essentially, when "LG Connect Apps" is "ON" the greek translation is equivalent to "ACTIVATE" instead of "ACTIVATED". So when i thought I was enabling it, in fact I was disabling it.

So the app works, but the greek translation of the TV menu is problematic. Off to file a bug report...

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Is there a place where we can file bugs?


Not as of now, but if you think it makes sense, we can create a forum/section for bugs, which hopefully LG and others will see. Just a reminder, we are not affiliated with LG, but are only a webos user-to-user forum. :D

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