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  1. Most probably you have a wrong date in the settings. If you want more technical details about it: https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/24704/system-time-and-certificates
  2. Hello, as I said in the headline: sometimes movies start really quiet, I have to get volume up to 50 (I normally watch movies between 15 and 20). I have to go back for one minute so the movie reloads/re-buffers and then the sound gets normal again. I have it on several apps (Netflix, Prime Movies, also my local broadcast app), so it's definitely not related to any app. Anyone else noticed this issue? Any ideas? Thanks !
  3. I use DAZN since last summer, it's available for at least my TV (LG 49UF8409) in the app store !
  4. Thanks for your reply. This is really rubbish. I'll write to Netflix as well. I really loved the small "time-overview" (e.g. 23:15/45:12 after 23 minutes), and the resolution info was a good-to-have as well!
  5. I don't want to create another thread, so I try that one: since the last webOS update, it's not possible to see the current used resolution on Netflix. When I press the "Info" button, there is no time+resolution field in the top left area. Is it possible to "restore" this, or is there a restriction due to the Netflix app? Thanks !
  6. Sorry, I should have mark it as SOLVED. I figured out, that there was a problem between my ISP and Netflix. My ISP restricted sometimes Netflix traffic, especially 4k streaming. I configured my router, so I use VPN - so my ISP cannot restrict the traffic any more. This was my solution!
  7. Hello, I got my LG 49UF84 smart TV on the weekend. The first thing I did was setting up Netflix, because I use the TV for streaming movies and tv shows only, I don't watch TV stations. First, I watched Narcos, which is a Netflix show in 4k. It was great. But this was the last time, I ever got 4K. When I press the "Info" button on my remote ("magic remote"), I see the quality on the top left of the screen. Most of the time it shows 480p. Sometimes even 288p (!). I only hat 720p and 1080p once, during 6 hours of watching Netflix. First I thought it's a connection problem, so I opened the web browser and started a speedtest - it's over 40MBit/s. Netflix 4K needs 15-25MBit as far as I know. I even plugged it to the modem, instead of using WiFi. No changes so far. Is there an option on the Netflix app, that it should use the best possible quality when possible? I mean, it's not bad quality, it's really a great TV. But when I buy a 4K TV, I expect that the 4K functionality works on the biggest movie streaming service. Does anyone have/had similar experiences and even got a solution? Thanks so far! -easy-
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