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  1. I have not noticed that I'll do a quick compare and see. What are you're settings in Plex? I have mine set (server settings) to not transcode and not limit the bandwidth. Media files are sent via direct play. Somehow and I cant remember how Plex client will display info on the media file being played. It will show the bit rate and whether its direct play or transcoded. I don't know if the client software has any settings or not.
  2. Sorry its just youtube. I wonder if my Shield TV can get it. How expensive is the subscription?
  3. That would be great but from my experience don't count on any added features. I have been hoping for better subtitle support for over two years. I too hoped I could retire my external box and use the native LG apps. No luck so far, I'm still using my nVidia Shield (previously WD Live media center) for TV apps (NBC, ABC, FOX, etc. I was able to solve my subtitle issues by installing Plex on my LG tv but that also runs on the Shield so I use it for everything now.
  4. It's very hard to hard to answer your question without specific information. What online content are talking about? What app are you using to play this content?
  5. Sounds like there is some kind of security protocol active on your regular ISP modem or router. Glad you got it working.
  6. I just tried using the LG content store and had no problems. How much memory do you have available.
  7. To delete an app press the "home" button on your remote. The icons for all your apps show up at the bottom of the screen. Press the right arrow repeatedly until you see the pencil at the far right. Select the pencil icon and you enter the edit mode. Move the cursor back to the left and stop on the YouTube application. You should see an "X" over the youtube icon, select this "x" to delete the app.
  8. Did you try deleting YouTube and then reinstalling it?
  9. I have stopped using the LG media viewer in favor of the Plex app. Initially I didn't use the Plex app because it wouldn't discover my media server and LG viewer would. It turned to be I wasn't signed into my Plex Media Software. Once I signed in it all worked perfect with the PLex client software. I used LG viewer because it found my media server regardless of whether I was signed in or not. The Plex app is Waaaay better than the built in LG viewer. It has no problem with any type of subtitle or multiple subtitles. If you still need to use the LG viewer use a program called mkvmerg
  10. There is no real solution unless LG chooses to fix the problem. In the meantime you'll need to use SRT subtitles and if you have multiple tracks make sure the SRT file is ordered before the other subtitle tracks.
  11. The subtitles are embedded in the .mkv file. There is no seperate subtitle file. If this .mkv file has two seperate subtitle tracks. I've been doing some experimenting and found that at least the way I'm encoding my videos that the TV is only compatible with SRT type subtitles. Also if you have multiple subtitle tracks the SRT track has to be placed before the VOB (dvd) subtitle track. I used mkvmerge to reorder the subtitle tracks and then it worked. It also doesn't seem to recognize PGS (bluray) subtitle tracks embedded in .mkv files. I guess I can download the SRT file from the web and
  12. I just purchased a LG 55UH6090 4k web OS 3 television. I connect to my Plex media server via wifi network and using what I believe to be Smartshare everything appears ok. All my video folders show up properly. All the video files inside these folders show up normally and the video plays with no problem. Unfortunately the subtitles do not display. It detects the subtitle track since the sub icon is not grayed out. I've toggled the icon on and off multipke times and subtitkes do not appear. Playing the same video file via USB connection produces the same result. Video and audio but no subtitles
  13. How is your WD connected to TV? Mine is connected to my TV (55UH6090) directly via HDMI and everything works great. I also use the WD as a Plex media server client. Once again everything works great. Never tried using Twonky as a media server. I could if you need.

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