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  1. You are correct, I needed to change my country too. I changed mine into UK.
  2. Yes, I paid for the PLAYz app and use it almost daily. For me it is money well spend. Subtitles work without problems. If subtitles are available you can turn them on or off, or select which subtitle you want if there is more than one. I found that changing or selecting subtitle does not work very well from the screen right before you play something. It works best, and without any problems, while playing something by opening the subtitle menu while your movie is playing, so not by going back, but while playing press OK, go to the right and select the speech balloon icon on bottom right of your screen.
  3. Hi, I could not find the app in the LG store on the TV at first. I'm from Belgium. I first had to go to TV settings, set countries to manual, then select UK as country and then restart te tv before the PlayZ Media app appeared in the store. I'm happy that I did, the plex (PlayZ) app is great!
  4. Hi pi314, I'm From Belgium. My WebOS version is 4.32.20. Tv is 42LB630V. PlayZ media is nowhere to be found in the LG store on the tv. Not under 'Premium' and not under 'Apps and games'. Is there something I missed to get the app ? The native lg app does indeed have a keyboard. But if you for example open the netflix app on your tv and want to enter your account information than you have bad luck because the keyboard does not seem to open then. As for the app to play the tv sound: I could not find any.
  5. - A Plex client app (running Plex Media Server on a px in the same network as the TV) - A pictures screensaver (configurable to show pictures of a folder in the network) - Plex - A smartphone app that plays the sound of the tv. So I can plug in my earphones in my smartphone and I can listen and watch what I want without disturbing anyone else in the house - Plex - The native smartphone lg tv remote app is missing a keyboard function - Plex - I want to mirror my smartphone screen on the tv - Plex - Shazam app: would be really nice if you could use this on whatever is playing on the tv, since shazam can also recognize tv shows and music - Plex - Google calendar app - Have I mentionned Plex already ?
  6. Hi, this is my experience with the netflix app so far: - Netflix unwantedly placed the app as first app in my smart apps list. - I have no smartremote or mouse connected to the tv at the moment so this means I have to press the right arrow a few more times (there are other apps in there that I do not want) to get to those apps I do want to use - In an effort te remove the netflix app I clicked the netflix icon, expecting options to remove it or to see the app. - Instead of opening the app, I saw a LG screen saying the app needs to be updated. Strange, I never even installed it, so my thought on this is: If you are going to install an app on my tv without permission, then just do it right and make sure it works from the first time - I got curious of all that throwing netflix in my face that i clicked update. I updated the app and openend it. - There was a big screen telling me I have 1 free month of Netflix. After all that hassle to install it, I thought what the heck and decided to go for that free month to try out netflix - I filled in my name, email etc (not so fun if you have just a tv remote!) so I could start to see what Netflix is all about - On the last page, where I expected something like 'Launch Netflix now' instead it asked for my credit card number -> This is where my experience ends, I never give my creditcard for anything that is supposed to be free. So I would say: for me this was a horrible experience. But that is just me, you should write an honest review yourself if you have a netflix account and actually used this app. Maybe this is a great app, I just didn't got there.
  7. p.s. for those whishing for a plex app. Until it is there, I always open the browser on my tv and visit www.plex.tv. That works very well for me. Other things on my whishlist besides Plex: - flash support for browser - di.fm app - stumbleupon - a microsoft OneDrive picture viewer app And on top of my whishlist would be (besides plex): - an app that streams the sound of whatever is playing on the tv to your smartphone via wifi. So I can plug in earphones on my smartphone and watch a show without disturbing my wife
  8. Don't use smart share but smartconnect on the tc. Select to connect to your pc and to view media (not mirror screen!). Then you can select your pc as soure, and tadaaa: file structure. Took me a few days to figure this out as well.
  9. Hi, I for one would also really love to have a working plex app for my lg webos tv. Right now via dlna I can't get (auto downloaded by plex media server) subtitles, I can't resume where I last stopped viewing and I can't see which episodes I already viewed. For those reasons I really wish to have a plexx app real fast. Also, plex interface is a lot nicer with album covers and fanart and imdb movie information etc.

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