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  1. same problem but if you have a Logitech harmony hub the latest update brings direct request such as ok google turn on the tv works ok the uj6300 and should on uj6500
  2. thats because youtube is a google app and you must register your tv with it in your account but try doing other things with the google assistant it wont work now as for the update 05.80.15 is to solve an audio issue on oled tvs
  3. yeah it sucks and my tv released on november 2nd 2017 ... and they rereleased the same model one month later in the 2018 series with bluetooth magic remote smart thinq and google assistant build in the exact same model one month apart i got so pissed and basicaly i had bought an android tv by sony but best buy coudnt find it to deliver so they sent me a lg instead .... and i didn y had a choice as it was holiday time and didnt want to spend another month witjout tv but that said it is so stupid that tv has miracast which i can cast from youtube on my phone but i cannot cast my screen as we need to use lg stupid app that only let you cast songs photos and videos not your screen .... and even i can cast to youtube i cannot do it trought the assistant that aint supported .... wrost than that the tv has the smartthinq app installed to control any smartthinq devices but we cannot control the tv with smartthinq on other devices and seriously .... i dont care not having the assistant built in since i already have alexa and google homes in every rooms so it woudnt be hard to add google home.and alexa smart speakers to control the tv .... it is supposed to be smart after all and has miracast, wifi , dlna and can connect to any network attached storage wirelessly so technically i would be able to use a google home on it i can even control a old roku 1 with the google home for god sake and i was able to turn on my old 2012 sony which was kinda the first smart tvs having a web browser netflix youtube and maybe 5 other useless apps but no appstore but stil i could power on with google assistant or alexa i dont remember which the as the tv died last fall so in my opiniom they just dont care to support anything not from this year which is bad business and when they announced webos 4 they said their current tvs with web3.5 and up would get webos 4 but that was not the case at the end and aside from spotify , newsy, youtube prime and netflix the apps are useless in america they cannot even put apps for stuff we have here and i ll never buy again and my tv was praised by gamers so they probably been asked many times and thry say they release updates and features going on what people ask ... that tv got one systeme update in 1 year and it was this fall supposed to correct internet that keep disconnecting or not beinf able connenct to servers to accept being bombarded with target ads ... ... and seriously theit update made the tv way slower and the internet keep disconnecting non stop by ethernet as welll as wifi they said i needed a 15 megabit connection to stream .... and i have a 200 megabit.connection here ... if only we could hack em and install custom. firmwares but nop we cant
  4. well you can cast to most tvs theses days well not trough the cast option in the phone settings but trought the apps ..you tube for exemple you can press the cast icon and send it to pretty much any tv with wifi that allows a phone connection works on lg samsung, roku tv , sony , sharp .. to name a few well it work on the 2017 lg fine but now what it means is that the 2o18 series have the google assistant integrated into it so it acts like a google home smart speaker and can perform most tasks and request requests i believe and unless they decide otherwise it is still limited meaning you cannot shop have access on sensitive data such as bank statememts set reminders or ask for an alarm well this might have changed but as for me on every third party video devices that has the google assistant integrated thoses functions dont work but since you can put an alarm on a tv i guess it could now work but to give you an awnser to your specific question YES it has chromecast built in so no more chromecast stick and as a bonus it is voice controlled so you can ask for stuff instead of browsing from your phone first and it can turn on the lights and other things maybeping and
  5. and how about bringing the possibility to use alexa and google home to control the tv on late 2017 models my tv has been manufacture dating end of october 2017 they said web os 3.5 devices were to update to 4.0 but nothingin fact it didn t received an update yet except on apps and even lacks.of bluetooth and magic remote and the worst part is that same model as uj6500 which is now uk6500 has all of this in a 2 month gap and we can t even turn on the tv with a google home.
  6. I am wondering the same thing or at least with LGSmartThinq the tv as the app google home also but it cannot control the tv lol it s not this smart of an app after all

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