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  1. R5oss

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Wired, using CAT6 cable at 1Gbit. All WiFi disabled on my 930V and not using the WWW app. My BB service is 50Mb and generally performs at this speed both wired & wifi. ps: LG admit that their "smart tv" is still in it's infancy, so still a bit dumb !!!. It does not have the computing capacity to actually perform the advertised/claimed functions. Hence my decision to un-install ALL unused apps, leaving only Amazon Prime (currently) for streaming services. Prior to the .55 update it worked very well and significantly better than the Virgin Media TIVO streaming apps.
  2. R5oss

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Since my update last week I've started getting "lack of bandwidth" messages when using Amazon Prime. At first it appeared to be one episode of Outlander, but it now displays when viewing other streamed shows !!!. But I've reduced the number of "insufficient memory" glitches by deleting as many installed apps as possible (iPlayer, 5oD, Netflix, etc).
  3. R5oss

    TV WebOS Sucks

    Add me to the list of disillusioned LG owners. I'm in the process of contacting support about the "This app will restart to free up more memory" problem, but apparently they have never heard of it Although we've had the TV for over a year I've only recently started using the WebOS options, as a possible alternative to our VM TIVO. Oh dear, web searches suggest I don't hold my breath in expectation of it ever being fixed, let alone seeing any real improvements.