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I hope that hasn't been covered a thousand times, but I can't find anything in terms of solutions:


All DVB-T2 channels crash my LG TV... switch off, reboot, and loop...

I saw some comments about this issue, so I'm not alone with it. What I'd like to know: Is there a fix? Some firmware I'm not aware of? It seems to be a problem since at least 10-2015 so... something even older?


Thanks for your answers! This is really annoying...

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Roman, I (still) have the same issue.

* I'm running right now 05.05.01 (beta)

* Sometimes I can watch dvb-t2 channels without issues

* Some dvb-t2 channels in my area are h264 encoded, others in h265. Is that the same in your area?

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In TV settings, check HbbTV options (ON or OFF). Some of the DVB-T2 channels, here in Serbia, were making that my 42LB650V crash/reboot constantly. I had to turn off HbbTV option. After that there was no more crashes. Let me know whether this can help you too...

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I've made my own test about a month ago with DVB-T2. First try didn't work because I was using the roof antenna (no T2-channels found, T(1)-channels yes). So I've built my own antenna using a coax-cable. Worked. Found all DVB-T2 channels in southern Bavaria, could watch the free channels, for the encrypted ones I didn't hava a smartcard.

Tested for 2hours with no problems using a LG 49UF850V (similar to 49UF8509)

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