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  1. Yes it has the 'once' and 'recurring' option. A tab on the upper right gives you access to the days you want to view.
  2. Strange. The 05.00.20 update shows me all listings and allows scheduled recording from the tv guide up to 7 days ahead. The quick programme menu only shows whats on now and next and also allows recording from the quick view. The freeview plus EPG only allows for a reminder and no recording.
  3. Yeah I'm not sure about the variations of the software update through the model line-up. Probably best to wait for OTA or when it shows up on the LG NZ website. Good news the new update is working great (so far)
  4. 84ub980. LG website says it should work with these models. 65UB930T-TA 49UB850T-TA 55UB850T-TA 60UB850T-TA 65UB980T-TA 79UB980T-TA 84UB980T-TA 55UB950T-TA 65UB950T-TA 55UC970T-TA 65UC970T-TA 55UC970T-TA 65UC970T-TA 105UC9T-TA 65EC970T-TA
  5. General availability is expected Monday for NZ. I got a link to it yesterday and all good (05.00.20)
  6. Yep Aus is 7MHZ and NZ is 8MHZ and manual tuning required, that's one difference.
  7. I would just wait and keep an eye on the LG NZ support page for the update to show, then set your tv back to NZ and try an OTA update, if not use USB method. In the mean time you should turn off the 'auto update' just in case it updates to a higher version for Aus.
  8. I would just like to say I have never had any problems with the webos 1.xx on my TV over the last year. I have simplink running, Chromecast, use WIDI, have laptop attached with HDMI with KODI for HTPC and 90% of my streaming, 2 TB disk attached for recording and Time Machine for live pause etc, digital out to home audio system, Android box attached via HDMI, DTV via UHF, use the 5 ghz wifi without issue. It could be a bit quicker booting up but other than that I am very happy with my LG. Is it possible the problems people are experiencing are 'model' of TV related from the 2013/14 range.
  9. Same here and was driving me crazy. I ended going to the LG NZ Facebook page and sent a message and got an immediate response and very good dialogue with them.
  10. Ok so I got a call from LG NZ and they said there will be an update for NZ to a higher number than 05.00.04 before October 18th. So we will see what happens.
  11. Hi LGSAM. That is the same question I have asked LG NZ. I have told them I am happy to leave the 05.00.04 software on my TV as long as the new upcoming update will update on top of 05.00.04 (ie 05.00.10??) Yes they did confirm freeviewplus with HBBTV. I will post back with confirmation about the upcoming update.
  12. NZ took down the 05.00.04 update because of mainly EPG issues. My complaint was why it was taken down and evidently it should have not have been available on the LG NZ site. I was going to try and downgrade back to 04.62.50 but LG are coming to my home to do it next week. My TV is 84" and still under warranty so I don't want to mess with it. FYI 05.00.04 with HBBTV and Freeviewplus should be available the 3rd week of October as a OTA update for NZ for 2014 TV's. In the mean time I am really enjoying the upgrades that come with 05.00.04.
  13. Just noticed in the 'tv series' folder in the updater all the files show 'AU' Australia but no 'NZ' New Zealand. I'm wondering if I changed the TV location to Australia and then tried?
  14. I tried both win 7 and 10 and same thing happens, after accepting update nothing happens, it just says 'updating'. Q. How long after accepting update do you wait?..and when do you restart the TV?

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