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  1. Yes, this problem has been ongoing for long time. You are lucky to get 40 minutes, I usually get a lot less (on Youtube). LG don't seem willing or able to solve it.
  2. The problem was not fixed ages ago, and my tv does not need 'updating'.
  3. The guide is slow to load. This is not the case with other TVs like Panasonic and Samsung, where the guide comes up instantly.
  4. Den C

    App restart to free memory

    I get this every time i try to look at a youtube recording of more than about ten minutes. It didnt happen when i first bought the tv about a year aho. I have tried all the "solutions" posted on the forum. I have a 55mbps fibre broadband so buffering should not be an issue. If it is a firmware issue then lg should fix it nut it seems they do nothing.
  5. I agree with Stefan about excessive buffering. Ethernet connection to the router makes no difference, and no one else using the connection. I am on an fttc fibre line at 50Mbps, so it should require only minimal buffering. I have tried switching off and disconnecting the supply, also resetting to factory defaults etc etc to no avail. When I bought the TV at first, about two years ago, I did not notice the problem., and was able to watch a Netflix movie and YouTube concert all the way through. I notice this thread started in February. Does LG not take any notice of this forum?
  6. The problem is still there, making youtube and probably other similar apps unuseable. Why doesnt LG do something about it - possibly because lg take no notice of this for.
  7. None of the actions mentioned solved the problem. I have even reset the tv to factory defaults. Because of this issue Youtube is effectively unusable (it's the only OS app I used to use).