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  1. Actually you don't need to turn off Airplay. We thought it might have some impact but no.
  2. Frankly I don't know. It should be a feature to stop that notification. Looks like you are saved.
  3. Not sure..but so many end users are raising this issue on different forums. But apparently disconnecting from wifi ap and reconnecting back works. I have tested quite a few times. If you are still under warranty get it exchanged for your dead spot issue.
  4. Solutions Use wired connection, fool proof solution. Turn off Airplay. Turn off Quick start (from General settings). Still you will encounter this problem but less frequently. Once this happens turn off the tv using the remote. As quick start is disabled, when you turn it on back the wifi connection would be renewed and you will get normal speed. So simple solution is turn off and turn on.
  5. It looks with with Quick start disabled whenever I turn off the tv with power button the Wifi is getting disconnected and turning on again causing the reconnect to wifi. This is similar to my solution where I disconnect from the Wifi AP and reconnect back. But here I need to type in the pwd of wifi every time connect to the Wifi AP. So your solution is better
  6. In my case the easier solution is to just disconnect from the connected network and reconnect to the same one. No network switch is required. Only pain is every time I need to key in the password. And the real pain is unable to do a true factory reset. Does anyone know how to do a factory reset. I also downloaded the tv firmware from their website but they are saying that can be installed only if tv's present f/w version is lower than the one in the usb drive.
  7. @[email protected] What I have figured out is if the video is paused for certain time I am not sure exactly how many minutes, all of a sudden I see that drop in speed. I don't know how to escalate this problem to get it resolved. If you guys have a solution please post here.
  8. Unfortunately, the firmware can't be downgraded. LG must provide another update to fix this asap. I am now relieved that other people are also facing the problem. My warranty has been over in May 20, and i was afraid that it is some hw related problem than i am screwed. Let's hope LG addresses this problem asap.
  9. Hi I recently updated the software to 5.30 version, and after that I noticed a weird problem with video streaming, in general issue with internet bandwidth. Usually my b/w is ~35 mbps so that is sufficient for 4k streaming on youtube or netflix. The issue is after running for 10-15 mins if I pause the video or go backward the network speed is thrashing badly. For example when I check internet connection on netflix it shows ~30-35 mbps, but whne that problem occurs and I check the speed again I see the speed is dropped to <1mbps. Same with youtube, it can't load 4k videos anymore as the spee

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