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  1. I converted then in IrfanView and they all work great now. Thanks
  2. Thank you for your answers. I'm not sure what SmartShare is but I'm using the Photo & Video app that was preinstalled and all the other photos are working even those also saved with the same version of Zoner but some scanned photos that were cut and saved are showing a broken picture. The all have the same DPI but different resolution since they were hand cut. Thumbnails are showing only when played from NAS, not directly from external HDD. Here are properties of some photos. The working ones are scans of positive film also edited and saved in Zoner. I'm not sure about the version as I don't have it on me. For sure it's not the latest version. I tried opening one picture in Corel and saving it and it worked, but it cut the size by around 75% so loss of quality and I have hundreds of these photos. Is there another app on LG content store I can try if it's as you said old version from 2018? EDIT: I tried checking the metadata of different jpg files everything is the same apart from resolution and DPI but this: All the working ones have Encoding Process: Baseline DCT and all the not working one have Encoding Process: Progressive DCT Can this be the reason?
  3. @td47 No Apples, only Android phones. My router is on another floor so 5GHz is very weak. I tried disconnecting LAN cable but that made things worse. The TV couldn't see my NAS with only 2.4GHz connection. I tried to copy some photos on an external drive and directly connect it to the TV and it couldn't show them either (like in the first picture) and also without thumbnails. So the problem on the TV side. What is wrong with these pictures? Every other device can show them without a problem.
  4. TV, NAS and apps are all running the latest software. TV is connected by cable and by strong 2.4 GHz connection (both, because screenshare from phone doesn't work over cable - another bullshit)
  5. Hey, I have a LG OLED65CX TV (latest WebOS) and some photos from my Synology NAS are not loading, only in thumbnails like this: Most photos work perfectly but some not. They are scans from a photobook and then individually cut in Zoner but that shouldn't matter right? Here are properties of one of the photos I really don't know the reason my TV and it makes me really mad since it took a long time co scan these. Weird thing is I also scanned other positive film photos and they work great on TV. Do you know what might be the problem?
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