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  1. My router is literally next to the TV next to the inlet on the wall, constant 50mps , the wireless button is faded so cannot use but I literally cannot get nearer the router and I still have this problem!
  2. Hi I did dump the tv and bought a Sony Bravia KD49X7053 (2020) LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 49 inch from John Lewis, anyone thinking of doing the same don't bother Sony (and John Lewis) are as bad as LG they could not care less about their customers, from 1 month the picture has been pixelating if someone or something moves in front or behind someone/something! Obviously Sony have never seen anything like it , taken 3 months and still not fixed John Lewis refuse to exchange!
  3. I got rid of my lg and got a sony but just spoke to a tv engineer I mentioned the problem with the lg cable not connected etc. He immediately said motherboard said he had done hundreds and said lg have taken the Warranty in store so only they repair under warranty but 1 day after 12 months they are saying take it up with the retailer
  4. I have dumped the lg although problems with the new Bravia smòthing and fast movement blurring But the memory problem on the lg, I even got this when I was using the sky box, meaning the tv was actually just a monitor? So many New TVs seem to have problems shouldn't need to pay £2k to get a half decent tv.
  5. Mine works fine with Lan but wireless is blanked out so cannot move the tv, tried reset etc nothing works?
  6. The thing is this even happens with the sky box? So the tv is basically a monitor and this still happens
  7. Sorry no chance of getting it fixed lg don't give a toss they have your money now 'sod off' I put up with that and 'no memory have to restart' for 2 years so angry I dumped the 2 year old tv and bought a Sony Bravia a much better tv!
  8. I have used cat6 for a long time still didn't work I have now binned the lg and bought a new Sony vowed never buy a lg product again
  9. I have the same "Memory" problems, I run of Ethernet because the wifi is blanked out, I emptied the cashe and set for Private viewing, that seemed to work for a while but back to the same, having to switch off the app for the memory, also get the Network cable not connected, Network cable connected, that no one seems to have got fixed either! I have come to the conclusion LG are just crap! This is my second LG tv , the one I had a few years ago was lcd, it had a good picture, but took 20 minuets to start, 13 months after buying! The sound was crap, I had new speakers and a new motherboa
  10. I bought all new of the above connectors replaced all the old one's with these, made no difference at all, so save your money folks!
  11. I am in the UK and all calls end up in India talking to people who cannot speak English, The tv is probably 2 years old got it from my son in law he bought it new and used it as a monitor so never connected to internet, he then decided on a better one when mine packed up he sold me this cheap, he only used it a couple of months, I hate LG I had one before cost me a fortune picture took 20 minuets to start and the sound was crap, I had new circuit board new speakers, still did not work, I had to accept this as money a bit tight at the moment with the virus, so I don't expect any help from
  12. Mine did but I found the answer on another post, By the way mine also has the "lan not connected "messages also wireless network will not turn on?

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